Our adult aquatic classes offer a variety of option to choose from, everything from zumba to water walking. Aquatic exercise is a great way to stay in shape without putting too much pressure on your joints.

Saturday Aerobics

Enjoy the mix of all our instructors for a fun, challenging varied interval training.  May include aerobics, toning, conditioning, and core strength training.

Water Walking

A moderate aqua aerobics class focusing on balance, core strength and stretching. Utilizes water resistance, water weights, isometrics and stretching.

Senior Water Walking

Low impact, non-weight bearing exercises. Class consists of stretching, various types of water walking, an upper body drills using water weights. A gentler pace, geared toward the elderly.

Aerobics &


Full body workout combining active weight bearing aerobic exercise at your own pace and toning taught by our weekday instructors.  Modification techniques are offered that make class available to a wide variety of fitness levels.

Balance & Body Awareness

Slower moving Pilates style workout that will challenge your entire body and aid in increasing balance and muscle core essential to balance.

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