Li'l rays

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Li’l Rays is for the very beginner level swimmers from 3 to 6 years, taught by our professional instructors.  After school classes at 5:pm and 5:30pm.  Sessions run for 4 weeks, 1 to 3 classes weekly.  Discounts for VAC members

This Level focuses on both water orientation and the future opportunities of your young one.  Our success in swimming instruction comes from our long term vision of each student. 

Stingray Swim programs teach the very basic foundations to begin constructing a stroke.  We communicate the understanding of body position, rhythm, hydrodynamics and more through unique and playful ways so your kids have a lasting fun memory of their early swimming experience.  We are proud to be the inventors of learning strategies like “Bubble Pie”, “Crocodile Walk”, “Crocodile Rockets”, “fire pole” and “Train Track Glides” to name a few. 

The difference between our instruction and others is in the respect we give your little swimmers.  We explain the entire process as we teach. When teaching a child to do “ice-cream scoops” or “watermelon tummy”; they are left with an incorrect word picture that will stick with them for a long time and their stroke will draw from that word picture.  The Stingray Li’l Ray programs and Stingray Stroke School are the results of swimmers that come to us seeking to correct their stroke.  We are experts in correcting these deficiencies and delivering to them lasting understanding of the corrections.