Non-Commitment Offers

These offers are available upon arrival, inquire at the front desk for more information* 



If you’re here visiting or split your time between Vashon or another location, a Temporary membership may be the right choice for you! With no initiation fee, there’s no obligation to tell us when you’ll be away! You can buy a Temporary membership as often as you’re here, from one week to three months.

Day Pass

The Day Pass option can be used by anyone and  is only $11.97 + tax, a competitive price you can’t beat!

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Guest Pass

Members are permitted to bring two guests per month per account at a discounted price. This price is $6.00 + tax, paid at the counter. Each guest must be accompanied by the member for the duration of their workout and be over 18 years old, or accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older for the duration of their workout.

*All minors are required to have written authorization by a parent or guardian