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All ages welcome!

We're proud to offer swimming instruction to swimmers of all ages and experiences. Whether your tot is getting in the water for the first time, or your child wants to become a competitive swimmer, we have a program for you.

We begin with parent tot classes where we set you and your child up with the tools to successfully navigate the water successfully. As your swimmer ages and gets comfortable, we offer classes focusing on the very basic foundations of constructing a stroke. Our programs lead all the way to our competitive Swim Team, allowing your child to grow and improve their swimming however much you and they want!

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Li’l Rays is for the very beginner level swimmers from 3 to 6 years. This level focuses on both water orientation and the future opportunities of your young swimmer. Our success in swimming instruction comes from our long-term vision of each student. We communicate the understanding of body position, rhythm, hydrodynamics and more through unique and playful ways so your kids have a lasting fun memory of their early swimming experience. We are proud to be the inventors of learning strategies like “Bubble Pie”, “Crocodile Walk”, “Crocodile Rockets”, “fire pole” and “Train Track Glides” to name a few.

The difference between our instruction and others is in our logical explanations and gentle augmenting of techniques with your little swimmers. We explain the entire process as we teach. When teaching a child to do “ice-cream scoops” or “watermelon tummy”; they are left with an incorrect word picture that will stick with them for a long time and their stroke will draw from that word picture. Our expertise is in correcting these deficiencies and delivering to them lasting understanding of the corrections. Our Lil’ swimmers gain skills quickly, have fun, and build confidence in a safe playful class.

Stingrays Stroke School

Stroke School is the middle of the Stingrays program. You can start here if you are level 4 or above. Most Lil’ Ray Swimmers join Stroke School to advance their knowledge and strength in swimming. At this level our coaches will educate and work to refine your young swimmers’ strokes. Stroke School is a part of the Competition Team, but the focus of competition is different than the Senior levels. This mid-level of training corrects and teaches all four competitive strokes; starts, finishes and turns. Additionally, we teach all the drills and workout techniques. This level prepares the swimmers to effectively participate in daily workouts and compete at higher levels.

Stroke School is a very important step on the way to a lifetime of swimming for fitness, competition or recreation. Understanding the construction of a stroke is one piece of success. Our passion is to pass on the love of swimming. Safety, professional training, and fun is the recipe for the success in our programs. Pricing discounts for VAC Members.

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