Anne & Brian O'Leary

Anne (age 81) and Brian (age 85) have been members of VAC since they moved to Vashon Island 22 years ago.  Raising four children, they maintained a very active lifestyle. Vacations and holidays always included hiking, skiing, running and sailing or other athletic activities.

The family moved around to keep up with Brain’s work as and Airforce officer, but the joys of island life soon drew them into retirement. Having a full-service health center like VAC allowed them to have the best of both worlds—maintaining their active lifestyle while enjoying the peacefulness of our beautiful island.  

VAC has continued to support their individual health and wellness goals through the years. In recent years, Brian’s physical limitations have posed a challenge to him, but he stays active and comes to the VAC almost daily. That’s just his style. 

Brian says he is very thankful for VAC. He’s happy to have a team of individuals dedicated to his health. We’re happy he’s here, too! He is pleased that the club allows him to work out there with his personal trainer and he particularly enjoys shooting hoops with her. It’s great for his balance!

Anne’s career led her first to teach high school and then to Children and Family services as an administrator.  She played tennis a lot and even got the running bug from Brian.  Her passions now are walking and yoga.  She has belonged to a walking group on the island for the past 20 years.  The Vashon Road Crew meets regularly and has trekked Italy, Spain, Ireland, France and Greece. What incredible stories she must have!

Anne has maintained a fantastic level of fitness.  She attributes her ability to keep up with the younger members of her walking group to her supportive fitness classes at VAC.

If you see this couple at the club, please say hello and give them a way-to-go pat on the back for their personal health and wellness achievements.  VAC part of their daily routine…and they’re part of ours! Brian and Anne have quite a few friends at VAC and they both stressed how critical it was to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.  We’re so glad they’re part of our family here at VAC.

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