Bill Ameling

Bill has been a face at VAC for years, but not until recently did he find his path to better quality of life through health and fitness—and he did it in only 28 days. Bill is a senior, and struggled with normal age-related struggles. Acid reflux had become a worry, the aches and pains, extra weight and weakening muscles left him worried for the road ahead. But then he tried KICK START, and it changed his life.

Among the first participants at VAC in late 2017, Bill signed up for KICK START, somewhat skeptical of the apparently old and used gimmick “lose 10 lbs in one month!” You could say he wasn’t sure it was possible, but anything was better than his current lifestyle! Not only did Bill lose over 10 lbs, but his resting heartrate lowered 10 pts and his aches and pains started going away!

Bill’s hard work paid off—but he’s going to tell you it wasn’t even hard! KICK START taught him to watch what he eats (not necessarily decreasing the amount he eats) and to be conscious of his weight gains and decreases. Bill comes in to the VAC more frequently now. He’s exited to come! Now that he feels better, he’s not worried about his knees aching while riding the bikes or his heartrate soaring out of control while lifting weights. Bill is a true testament to the fact that you can turn your health around at any age!

Hear it from Bill in his own words:

“Balanced Habits KICK START has given me a way to monitor my weight, allowing me to eat what I want without sacrificing the foods I love and the enjoyment I get from eating them. If I go to a restaurant, I can still eat the foods I want, knowing that I have the power to control my weight. I’ve learned that I can enjoy life and control my weight simultaneously!

Losing the extra weight encouraged me to get in better shape as well. By exercising and eating right, I can now move with greater ease. I can bend over and put my socks and shoes on, walk up and down the stairs and I’ve returned to skiing with my grandson. My acid reflux is gone and my resting heart rate has decreased by 10 points. I am now taking swimming lessons! No longer do I think to myself, I must be getting old.”

Way to go, Bill! Keep up the great work!

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