Vicky de Monterey Richoux

Improving the quality of life at any age through semi private training!

Meet VAC member Vicky de Monterey Richoux, outdoor enthusiast and volunteer with VashonBePrepared, NERO, and the Emergency Operations Center team. Vicky’s prioritization on getting fit, strong and prepared for life's big and little hiccups can inspire us all. The results that Vicky has attained through semi private training proves that regular strength training within a group of like minded individuals is not only important, but fun and accessible for all ages and abilities!

“In my 50s, after decades of too-sedentary work life, I'd noticed a decline in strength and flexibility that was really starting to get in my way. It hit me that health is the foundation for everything we want to do, even affecting brain fitness. We live in a stunningly beautiful part of the world, so I've become really motivated to stay healthy and fit enough to keep exploring it with family and friends, especially my active nearly-5 year old grandson. Being more fit is also important for emergency preparedness.

As a VAC member, I knew I needed more accountability and guidance in order to be successful, so I signed up for semi-private personal training with Erika, with goals of getting stronger safely, and making gym workouts a regular part of every week. The camaraderie of the group and Erika’s positive instruction helped keep me going.

A personal trainer has made all the difference for me, as I’d been struggling to make steady progress toward my goals, and have issues that need special consideration. I’m grateful to Erika for emphasizing good form and gradual increases in intensity to keep me from getting new injuries, as well as helping me modify exercises to keep building strength despite old injuries and weakness. My commitment to Erika’s personal training deepened when I experienced a painful shoulder issue from long standing weakness, and she carefully followed my physical therapist's instructions, to protect and strengthen my shoulders. Erika also addresses specific goals, such as improving my posture. Her sessions are always fresh and focused, informed and inspired by her ongoing education in her craft.

Making fitness a top priority by getting personal training has given me greater physical confidence to do more of my favorite activities. I really enjoy the workouts, and that feeling of accomplishment at the end of a session.”

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