Judy Pickett

We are proud to present the Member Highlights of Judy Pickett’s personal journey at VAC.  This recognition is one that specifically highlights the personal commitment of VAC’ s Mission Statement.  “Quality of Life through Health and Fitness” at any age.  Judy totally represents this with her ongoing commitment to a weekly health and wellness schedule.

Judy is 77 years young and has been married to her husband 52 years raising 3 children who are now very physically active adults (spouses and grandchildren).  Health and fitness for Judy and her family has always been a priority.  In addition to raising her family, she taught school 48 years.  During these years she was an active member of her teaching union – serving as President several years.  In addition she worked with her husband developing a rental business including farm.  Judy always felt her mother’s quiet presence  (which she refers to as her conscious)—mother emphasizing energy and positive attitude to good eating habits and exercise enabling her to keep a busy, hectic schedule and her happy and healthy.  Her mom her mom (having been overweight & diabetic) drilled the importance of healthy eating and exercises.  During the 48 years   of teaching school, children of instructors, my students and in some cases the instructors were in my classes. I think in some cases we are in 3rd generation status which really makes it feel like a caring supportive environment.

When raising children – active vacations include skiing, hiking, camping and of course always having a bike along.  Our family has skied most of the ski areas in Washington plus others in Idaho, Oregon, California and Canada.  Many hikes in the Olympic Mountains and Cascades.  Most notable – a 50-mile hike from Ross Lake in Canada (called the North Cascade Trail).  Doing 10 miles a day achieving completion.  Judy stresses that through the years the family and individuals enjoyed water activities, biking, hiking, tennis and golf. 

In addition to family exercise the Jazzercise boom hit and she was hooked.  That was followed by the VAC opening and I was quick to sign up (#54).  I have watched the club grow through4 owners.  Each of which have added their own touch to the development of a much needed facility. 

Vashon is fortunate to have Vashon Athletic Club located on our Island with its many class offerings (land and aqua) plus the wide variety of machines, racquetball court and knowledgeable trainers it serves the needs of all ages.  The caliber of instructors can’t be beat.  Also offering class – “Quality of Life through Health and Fitness".  Being a member since its inception and taking advantage of these offerings. 

Today I feel very fortunate as I take no pills, have improved strength and balance and energy plus !!The very important added bonus is that of friendships and camaraderie developed over the years.  I love to exercise and feel so lucky to have a great facility like “VAC which to do so. 

19120 Vashon Hwy SW

Vashon, WA 98070

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Monday - Friday 5:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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