Molly Bode

I have lived on Vashon for 10 years and joined the VAC in April 2018. I love strength training with free weights and also enjoy high-intensity interval and circuit training. I was nearly 100 pounds overweight and was constantly physically and mentally exhausted. I began a consistent work-out regimen and started viewing my workouts as therapeutic. I also like to be active when not at the gym by exploring island beaches and trails. Through an active lifestyle, I was able to lose most of the extra weight. I am most proud of my mental growth through becoming physically fit. I now have confidence to try new things in life and at the gym and am no longer controlled by my physical limits. One of my favorite memories at the gym is when I attempted a barbell dead lift for the first time with horrible form, and Travis and Nick both offered their assistance to help. I was able to correct my form (to avoid injury) with their guidance and they gave me lots of encouragement. I am inspired by knowing I have the opportunity to inspire and support others by being my healthiest and happiest self. My advice is to show up consistently, use food as fuel and remember that your body is a tool to get through life; treat it kindly.

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