Travis Tuchack

Travis (44) is married with one daughter. He joined VAAC in 2016. Travis noticed, as he began to age, that he started to gain weight and had less energy than he had when he was a younger man. In addition, he had acquired a 13-year habit of smoking and sadly ceased his youthful routine of exercise that had kept him spry.

Upon joining VAC, he was introduced to Power Lifting. He loved it. He emphasizes this reflecting on his new-found love of exercise. He’s on a path to better health and fitness, and he’s not slowing down any time soon!

As a self-described introvert, Travis loves the energy of the gym and the relationships he’s made along the way. He believes that the influences of other members and staff have changed his life immeasurably.

Travis is a current member of the USAPL Power Lifting Federation. This federation is an enhancement-free performance organization. As his passion for the sport of weight lifting progresses, he continues to compete in USAPL matches. He recently finished fourth place in his weight class for Squats, Bench and Dead Lift. Competitors do three lifts in each of these areas and the highest score wins!

Travis continues to hold to VAC’s motto of Quality of Life through Health and Fitness. The time he spends at VAC keeps him motivated to try harder day after day. You can stop by VAC any day after work and you will likely find him here, lifting away, striking up a conversation, encouraging others but always focusing on the goal ahead.

Thanks Travis. Keep up the good work!

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