Reservations for Racquetball, Squash or Basketball

The Racquetball, Squash or Basketball Court is available to reserve in one hour increments.

Please call the front desk (206) 463-5601 to make a reservation. If the court has not been reserved it is open on a first come first serve basis.

One person can reserve the court for a maximum of one hour, two people can reserve the court for a maximum of 1.5 hours. 

Racquetball Rules

Racquetball is a fun game to play because of its speed and creativity, and because racquetball rules are relatively easy to understand.

Here is a quick summary of the rules of the game. There is a link below to the full official racquetball rules.

Racquetball Rules Summary

“Play begins with the serve. The serving player must bounce the ball on the floor once and hit it directly to the front wall, making the ball hit the floor beyond the short line; otherwise the serve counts as a fault. The ball may touch one side wall, but not two, prior to hitting the floor; hitting both side walls after the front wall (but before the floor) is a “three wall serve,” and a fault. Also, serving the ball into the front wall so that it rebounds to the back wall without hitting the floor first is a long serve, and a fault.

Other fault serves include a ceiling serve in which the ball touches the ceiling after the front wall and serving before the receiving player is ready. Also, the server must wait until the ball passes the short line before stepping out of the service box, otherwise it is a fault serve.

If the server hits the ball directly to any surface other than the front wall the server immediately loses serve regardless of whether it was first or second serve.

After the ball bounces behind the short line, or passes the receiving line, the ball is in play and the opposing player(s) may play it.

Usually, the server is allowed two opportunities (called first serve and second serve) to put the ball into play (two serve rule), although elite level competitions often allow the server only one opportunity (one serve rule).

After a successful serve, players alternate hitting the ball against the front wall. The player returning the hit may allow the ball to bounce once on the floor or hit the ball on the fly. However, once the player returning the shot has hit the ball, it must strike the front wall before striking the floor. Unlike during the serve, a ball in play may touch as many walls, including the ceiling, as necessary so long as it reaches the front wall without striking the floor.” 


Basketball is a great sport that is great for groups. But it is equally fun just to shoot hoops on your own. Below is a brief overview of the rules, for a more detailed overview click the link below.

Basketball Rules Summary

Basketball is a team sport involving two teams. Each team tries to score points by shooting the ball through their opponent's hoop. The ball moves throughout the court by either being dribbled (bounced) or passed. This is not a contact sport. 


Squash is a great sport that has the potential to burn more than 100 calories per hour played! 

Squash Rules Summary

The ball is served from the serve line and can only hit the ground once before it hits the wall. When the ball is served the server must have at least one foot in the service box. The goal is to hit the ball against the wall in a way that prevents your opponent from hitting it back.

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