stroke School

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 At this level our coaches will educate and work to refine your young swimmers strokes.  Stroke School is a part of the Competition Team but the focus of competition is different than the Senior levels.  This mid-level of training corrects, and teaches all four competitive strokes, starts, finishes and turns.  Additionally we teach all the drills and workout techniques.  This level prepares the swimmers to effectively participate in daily workouts and to compete at higher levels.

Beginning Stroke School is after school ½ hour classes. Intermediate Stroke School is after school for 1 hour long practices. Must have approval of Head Coach.

Monday through Friday 4:pm to 5:pm.  Sessions run every 4 weeks. Discounts for VAC members. Stroke School is a very important step on the way to a lifetime of swimming for fitness, competition or recreation.  Understanding the construction of a stroke is one piece of success.  Our passion is to pass on the love of swimming.  Safety, professional training and fun is the recipe for our success in our programs.