Pool Classes

Water Walking - Jan

Laps around the pool with various stretching exercises; light aerobics with and without water weights; Noodle exercises that are excellent for flexibility, joint and muscle movement.

Water Walking - Sharon

Low impact exercise class that participants may do at their own pace. Stretching is key to working in the water and helps with arthritis and the rehabilitation of injuries to the back, hips, and knees.

Water Aerobics - Rondi

A combo of aqua aerobics, aqua dance, aqua yoga, aqua singing + laughing + occasional shouting, with great music and attention paid to posture and joy!

Water Walking - Debbie

Using senior water fitness routines designed by a physical therapist, we combine aerobic routines for mobility and agility and light water-weights for strengthening. The routines can be as easy or as challenging as you prefer depending on your fitness goals. We have lots of fun, too!

Aqua Aerobics - Kristine

A high energy, full body, 60 minute workout in the water that is gentle on your knees. You control how hard you want to work out. Beginning with warm up, leg presses with the noodle, followed by 35 minutes of aerobics and weight lifting, ending with abs, a cooldown and stretching. You will sleep well after this amazing workout!

Land Classes

Total Toning - Marie

Total Toning class is for anyone at any fitness level who wants a complete workout to a variety of fun music including blues, rock, pop, Latin, and country. We start with a 10 minute warmup, sometimes adding very easy dance steps. We pick up the pace to increase our heart rates for 15 minutes, then switch to full body conditioning work using weights, bands, and balls. Class ends with 10 minutes of stretches and deep breathing.

Zumba - Claudine, Christie, Mary, Ture

Zumba is an hour of dynamic, dance-based movement set to a playlist of mixed tunes and intensity levels from start to finish. Each class begins with a warm-up, followed by songs of varying styles and rhythms (each one with its own routine), and ends with a cool-down and stretching. Dance experience is not necessary to participate. Our goal is simple: We want you to move, to have a great time doing it, and to come back for more!

Zumba Gold - Claudine

Zumba Gold is a low-impact, simplified version of Zumba. It still follows the same format of dynamic, dance-based movement set to a playlist of mixed tunes that each have their own choreography. It's a great lower-intensity dance fitness option as well as an “on-ramp” if you’re new to Zumba classes. Like Zumba, dance experience is not required to participate!

Tai Ji for Balance - Evy

Tai Ji Quan Moving for Better Balance® (TJQMBB) is an evidence-based fall prevention program designed for older adults. Developed by Fuzhong Li, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute, TJQMBB draws from traditional martial arts-based movements, but applies movement in a therapeutic regimen of lessons aimed at improving balance. The series begins with gentler exercises and progresses week-by-week to stronger practice. Please wear loose clothing and flatter-soled shoes with closed heels. Refer to https://tjqmbb.org/ for program details.

Yoga - Amy

A blend of Hatha and Anusara Yoga styles and spirituality, allowing each student to practice in the way that their body needs that day or skipping the pose if it’s painful. I focus on strength, flexibility and balance, which are all necessary for aging bodies. I sequence the class so that students are feeling capable of holding a standing balance, for example, by warming up specific muscles related to that pose. I use a theme in order to inspire my students, and try to call them by their names to promote community.

Pilates - Anne

Pilates mat class for all ages and skill levels (from beginners to experienced students). The goals are core strength, shoulder and pelvic stability, increased mind-body awareness, improved balance and coordination, and injury prevention. Exercises are presented for participants to progress over time. Modification for student strengths, weaknesses and injuries (old and new) is emphasized to avoid stress and strain. Everyone is welcome!

HIIT - Zoe, Sarah

Fun, fast paced group exercise class that is designed to get your heart rate up! The class consists of a warm up, and a workout using equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, TRX and bodyweight. The exercises are designed to be scalable for any fitness level. Anyone that is up for a challenge is encouraged to come!

Barrelates – Madelyn

A no impact, whole body workout that incorporates standing strength and balance challenges, light weights, and Pilates based mat work and stretching to tone and improve alignment in the body.


This class is perfect for beginners looking to try their hand at kickboxing. You'll then learn basic kickboxing techniques, including punches, kicks, elbows and knees. As the class progresses, you'll put the moves together into longer combinations, and work up a sweat while burning calories. The class finishes with a cool-down and stretch to help prevent injury and improve flexibility. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, learn self-defense techniques, or just try something new, this class is the perfect introduction to kickboxing.

Aerobic Kickboxing

This high-energy class combines kickboxing moves with upbeat music to give you an intense aerobic workout. You'll move in a series of combinations that combine punches, kicks, knees and cardio like jumping jacks. The instructor will keep the music pumping and the energy high, so you can really get into the rhythm of the workout. As the class progresses, the combinations get longer and more complex, so you'll really feel the burn. The class finishes with a cool-down and stretch to help prevent injury and improve flexibility. Whether you're looking to improve your cardio fitness, burn calories, or just have a blast, this class is sure to get your heart racing.

Belly Dance – Maya

All skill levels welcome. Fusion bellydance combos and choreographies to get your body and brain working together! Thursdays have a choreography focus. Sundays have a technique focus.

Senior Fitness - Erika

This class focuses on mobility, stability, strength, and balance through a variety of movement drills and resistance equipment. Exercises are alternated between seated and standing and can be modified to meet a variety of fitness levels. Gentle stretching is combined with the exercises for improved range of motion.

Boomers and Beyond Yoga - Claire

Tuesdays - Chair, standing and balance poses; Thursdays - using a yoga mat. The class is designed to allow participants to progress at their own rate. All levels are welcome!

Senior Strong and Fit - Claire

Participants use various weights and other exercise tools to experience a full exercise experience, including cardio, weight training, balance and stretching. All done to music of their time and experience.

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